What Are Some Useful IPTV Tips?


Use Wired Connection

In order to enjoy smooth videos without any interruptions, you should be connected to a stable internet connection. But not many people know that a wireless connection compromises the internet speed. The speed of internet with wireless connection is 10 times slower than a wired connection. For this reason, many users are recommended to use a wire connection so that they get better speed and smooth streaming.

2. Go to Standard Definition

There are multiple options to watch live videos. Quality of the video or content being displayed improves when you choose higher resolution. But this may not ensure smooth streaming. In order to get continuous streaming, you should move to the standard definition and switch to the low resolution so that videos are not interrupted.

3. Try Alternate Stream

Not all IPTV MAG boxes and service providers are the same. They offer the same channels but have different contracts as well as varying services. If you are not getting continuous streaming of a channel from one feed, try the other one.

This will surely resolve the problem of streaming and let you enjoy any channel through alternate stream.

4. Replace the Router

Some users have shared their experience regarding IPTVs. Many agreed that a router should be changed after some time. The router is a like a car and wear and tear is usual.

With time, the router gets poorer in speed. A lot of people change the internet providers but keep the same routers. Changing it will significantly improve your internet and streaming speed.

5. Disconnect Other Devices

When a single internet connection is shared with other devices, everyone notices slow internet and poor speed.

The more devices internet is connected to, the slower speed it will provide. It is thus better to turn off other devices or disconnect the internet connection on them and use on one device so that you can have better quality internet and improved streaming experience.

6. Use a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that allows you to change the location and IP of your device. It is helpful to access certain content. For example, some websites are blocked in some countries.

But they can be accessed through a VPN. It is good when it comes to viewing and watching content from banned sources.

7. Keep the Router Near

We discussed that a wire connection is better than a wireless connection. But if you are using Wi-Fi, it is better to keep the router or device near your IPTV MAG boxes so that you get the maximum speed.

Internet slows down over distance. You will notice bad quality internet if the router is not located near to the set.

8. Choose the Best IPTV

Choosing a right IPTV box is very much important when it comes to enjoying quality experience and uninterrupted streaming.

Many brands offer their set boxes. Some are cheaper while others are expensive. Be careful while you choose the box. Consider the number of channels provided, video on demand feature, 4K video capability and great customer support while buying your IPTV.


Secure Wireless Connection

Many non tech-savvy users have no idea when their internet is shared. They provide someone with the Wi-Fi password and it is shared with more people. When so many people connect to the internet, it affects your streaming speed.

That is why it is better to secure the wireless connection and change Wi-Fi password very often. You can also block unknown users.

10. In Case of Problem

Some users face continuous issues when it comes to their internet speed or streaming with MAG boxes.

And at times, the connection is not working at all. For this, the users should check status of the internet and make sure it is working. They can further turn off the device and router for 30 seconds and restart it. If the issue is not resolved, further help can be acquired from the internet providers

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