mouse traps humane producer mouse traps humane factory

I will take the sandal to test this trap


Well so great

It is dangerous if clamping on fingers

I don’t know what it will feel like

So, now i test :))

you idiot

that’s hurt :((

This week there will be more ideas to help increase the difficulty of the game

The mouse will have a headache thinking with this problem

Challenge the wisest mice

Mouse: Hey friend, let me see it !!!

Mouse: I just watch it for a while :))

Nuy Valo: Ok, Let watch :))

Nuy Valo: Oh…Don’t you watch any more? :))

Ok, let’s go :))

I caught this mouse after 3 days of trapping

i don’t think this trap is effective like this

Dear my friends

I think this kind of balloon mousetrap is not very effective

Because I set the trap until the 3rd day I only caught 1 mouse

However, this is just luck, there will be no second time!


Confused :))

What happened?

one more mouse in trap

I did not expect this trap to catch an additional mouse

What’s going on?

Here, please look at my hand

i will catch this hamster by my hand

OMG !!! Oh it hurts

You see, he bit my finger

This trap I just borrowed from my uncle

He has been using this trap for about 3 months without catching any mice

I have realized its problem

and I will … :))


Giang… Stop please!

I have realized its problem and I will adjust it to work most effectively

Where did this rope come from?

Please comment on your answer ??? :))

Wow appears the mouse tail in the nest

Oh…Mother mouse get out from nest

it has left the baby rats in the nest

Where you go ??? :))

The mouse is not afraid of people, on the contrary it even goes to eat in the daytime

I’m standing near it

It’s locking me :))

Mouse: Please leave me to have lunch :))

I have an idea :))

I will feed the mouse slippers :))

Run so fast :))

Do you think this mouse is too obnoxious?

So i will troll this mouse by a glue trap :))

It’s dark, the mouse has appeared



Hope success

Oh yeah…a giant mouse ^^

it is afraid

it run so fast

but luckily, the hind legs and tail are sticky

OMG…What’s happening :))

I don’t understand how she traps mice?

The owner said that she used a mousetrap but could not catch any

So she has to feed the rats so that they don’t destroy the merchandise :))

So the rats have a stable and permanent place to live for a long time :))

It sounds ridiculous but very convincing :))

I am 35 years old, but until now I have seen this scene with my own eyes :))

If I were the host, these rats would disappear tonight :))

Now I’ll get closer to see what’s going on

OMG … 3 semicircular traps but can’t trap rats :))

1 pot of food for mice :))

It ate and pooped here, that’s really pissing :))

I cannot accept this fact

There is one question: in your opinion, is the mousetrap difficult or easy?

For me, the mousetrap is very easy

Now I will prove it to you

Follow me to check the glue trap in the kitchen

Here, come in please!


The mouse earlier was still in the trap

For some reason it escaped

It is too angry

Humiliation too :))

Okay, okay…I’ll show you the last type of trap


The legendary trap

Come in please :))

What ? :))

So sad … so boring …:))

No problem, please wait until evening

Daytime does not count :))


It was dark, mice appeared

I will be determined to catch some rats

Mice traps so easy not as difficult as you think

A mouse traps humane suppliers is entering trap, it will surely be trapped

Come in please!

Many people were holding their pee fast to see this scene :))

Come in please, so long time

I increased my play speed by 300%

Oh… no… :))

À Ha…1 giant mouse appeared

Great… it about 1kg

If a small mouse does not enter the trap, I will catch the big mouse

Come in please

Do not be afraid please :))

It’s looking at me :))

OMG, it run

Boring :))

I am so sleepy, tomorrow morning I will visit the trap

Yeah… I have good news for you

Please Follow me to see


The giant rat last night was trapped :))

What? :))


How did it get out?

Boring :))

Disappointing, planning to show off your achievements to you :))

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