How to Delete All Files

When reading the title, you may think it is ridiculous to ask such a question, because you can directly remove files by Delete key or the composite key of Shift+Delete. However, think more carefully, you will find that there are some files which can not be directly omitted by those keys. Therefore, this text will list them one by one and tell you how to successfully delete them.

1. Bad files

Problem: In Windows XP which applies NTFS zoned format, some files can not be removed in Resource Manager or by the third-party tool. More specifically speaking, during the deleting process, the prompt box with information of bad file name shows up and you are not able to delete the files.

Solution: This circumstance probably results from the long file name under NTFS format. So we can use 8.3 filename format to reduce the name length or change part of directory name in path to decrease path length. For instance, 우리카지노계열추천 change the directory of “Linux Faq” to its 8.3 format as “LINUXF~1”. After that, you can enter the directory through “LINUXF~1”, and then use Delete Command to remove the specified files.

2. Files that can not be erased because of user right

Problem: In Windows NT/XP/2000/2003, 우리카지노가입 you can not delete some specified files.

Solution: If you log in a computer by an user account which does not have right to omit the files, you can reenter the computer with administrator account and remove them.

3. Files with illegal characters

Problem: When files have illegal characters in them, you are not able to directly remove them.

Solution: Open the CMD interface, enter the directory of the file to be deleted in it and input “dir>del.bat” (without double quotation marks). Then use DOS piping command to make the file list of the current directory automatically input to the batch command file “del.bat”. After that, 우리카지노총판 modify this batch command file by only saving the file name or directory name and adding del or rd before the file name or directory name. Later, execute the batch command to delete the file.

4. Any file in the system

Problem: 우리카지노 You can not remove any file in the system.

Solution: Check whether there is any anti deletion function software in the system. If yes, delete the software.

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